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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Guy Lebel to you. I first met Guy when I was Artistic director for World Youth Day 2002. WYD is the largest Catholic gathering of young people in world. In 2002, it took place in Toronto and was the largest event in Canadian history. The Vatican and Pope John Paul II hosted the event.

Mr. Lebel came to Toronto for an event we organised as a preparation for WYD, which took place at the Bandshell at the Toronto Exhibition, in August 2001. He came with his group from the Community of Myriam of Bethlehem and their performance was superb.

Later that same year, I invited Mr. Lebel to compose some music, which was to be used for the official events of WYD2002. He did so expertly and the WYD committee accepted his submission of the WYD Agnus Dei for use as part of the official World Youth Day 2002 Mass Setting. This musical piece is a example of great Liturgical Music. It is simple, yet its beautiful melody captures the meaning of the text and easily leads the singers and listeners deeper into the mystery of the Eucharistic Celebration. Agnus Dei was definitely one of the most sung and talked about parts of the WYD Mass.

Guy returned to Toronto with his group for World Youth Day, in July 2002 and participated in the Youth Festival and at the Saturday night Vigil with the Holy Father. For this ocassion, Guy composed and coordinated the performance of one of the Psalms: Psalm 27- Ma lumière et mon salut.. Once again, Guy excelled, not only in the composition of the Psalm, but in the choice of singers and instrumentation.

Guy is a very talented musician and composer, a man of Faith, and is deeply committed to his craft. He is able to meet deadlines, set realistic goals and completes what he sets out to accomplish. I truly believe that he has the skills and focus to embark on any new project and I would gladly work with him again.


Pedro Guevara-Mann
Supervising Producer

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